3rd Edition – Women in the Americas: Leading the Path in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

With the great increase of startups in our economy, the world turns its eyes now to the characters who are increasingly leading innovation and technology companies around the world: women. Even though women participation rates might be low (ranked 9% in US companies), when it comes to owning a business, women are majority owners of over 36% of small businesses, according to the Harvard Business Review research written by Sahil Raina.

Even though we live in a modern society that aims for equality and respect for all, and knowing that female executives achieve 35% higher returns on investment (Forbes, 2013), It is important to bring to the table what are the challenges that women face in this industry and what have they accomplish in their business endeavours, as well as discuss how to engage more women into technology and innovation sector.

The 3rd edition of Startup and Innovation ExpoPlaza Latina opens its doors to a broad discussion on how women are succeeding in all America, from north to south, and what actions can we take to improve or help one to change another’s reality.


Around 120 attendees, including BC, U.S. and Latin American governments, members of the consular community, Public Policy officials, technology associations and educational institutions fostering innovations and start-ups, incubators and accelerators, start-ups founders, and investors.


To promote start-ups and innovation ecosystems. To understand, connect and encourage collaboration between start-up ecosystems in Canada, U.S. and Latin America by showcasing successful stories on how to better integrate the public, education and private sectors with women involved in all stages of growth.