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March 30

A New Pacific Nexus: Canada, Latin America and Asia

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November 17

Connecting Ecosystems in the Americas – Start-ups and Innovation

September 20

Education Collaboration between B.C. and Latin America towards Skills Transfer and Labour Market Exchange

March 1

The Sustainable Road to Prosperity in Latin America: Utilizing Business as Agents of Change

November 18

Social Enterprises and Start-ups: Leading Social Innovation in Canada and Latin America

October 1

Discover Renewable Energies in Costa Rica for a Clean Future

June 4

The Green Revolution in Central America

April 13

New Green Investment Opportunities in Costa Rica

January 28

International Educational Exchange Between Mexico, Brazil and BC

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September 24

How Culture Influences Negotiations in Colombia and Peru

May 29

Agri-food Development in the Tropical Region

April 30

2st International Business Conference for the Americas

February 7

1st Latin American Trade Conference in BC