Connecting Ecosystems in the Americas – Start-ups and Innovation

  • November 17, 2016 Date
  • 5:00pm - 7:00pm Time
  • $35 General / $25 Students Cost


Technology, innovation and entrepreneurial impulse act nowadays as drivers of job creation and urban growth, providing revenues for economic development. Only in the US and Canada, half of the world’s leading start-up environments grow and thrive.

According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 from Compass, Silicon Valley remains as the main start-up hub with cutting-edge young companies. The study results also reveal that, since 2012, the start-up activity in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal has grown at a slower pace than other cities in emerging economies, such as Tel Aviv, São Paulo and Singapore.

The inclusion of São Paulo in this world’s top-20 ecosystems ranking signals the significant improvement in the Latin American entrepreneurial scene. This region enjoys stronger support from start-up communities, a growing talented population and the untapped potential for ventures. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) states that countries like Chile and Colombia are also working hard to develop optimal conditions for innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

How to support booming start-up environments? Experts say that, to face the challenge of scaling up, start-ups should think globally and generate interest in their activities around the world.

Join our ExpoPlaza Latina seminar to learn what startups should consider when going global, especially in markets like the US, Canada and Latin America. Also, listen to experts discuss how policy-makers and other stakeholders in the community can help to cultivate a vibrant start-up and innovation ecosystem

The seminar will include the following:

– Canada’s/Vancouver  approach to promoting innovation and start-up

– How the start-up ecosystems work in Canada and some Latin American

– Exploring opportunities to connect the different start-up ecosystems

Audience: Around 80 attendees, including members of the consular community, the BC Government, Public Policy officials, technology associations and educational institutions fostering innovations and start-ups, incubators and accelerators, start-ups founders, and investors.

Objectives: To promote start-ups and innovation ecosystems. To understand, connect and encourage collaboration between start-up ecosystems in Canada, USA and and Latin America by showcasing successful stories on how to better integrate the public, education and private sectors.


Bryan Buggeybryan-buggeyvec_logo_rgb_with_vecname_16_by_9_no_background

Director , Strategic Initiatives and Sector Development Vancouver Economic Commission, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Bryan is responsible for economic and business development at the City of Vancouver’s Economic Commission. In his role as Director, he is leading a team in charge of several initiatives with respect to the City’s Greenest City Action Plan, Digital Strategy and its Economic Action Strategy. These initiatives include the creation of an innovation hub for technology start-up and social innovators; a clean-tech demonstration program leveraging municipal assets and infrastructure; and supporting the creation of a Green Enterprise Zone and a Digital District. Bryan also heads up the business development team that is responsible for strengthening the key sectors that support the so-called Green, Digital and Innovation Economies. Professionally, Bryan’s key interests lay in the transformation of the local economy to a low-carbon future leveraging innovative technologies, clean energy and sustainable urban design as important tools to achieve that goal. Bryan has an undergraduate degree in Economics (Regional Economic Development), an MBA in IT Strategy and is also a graduate of UBC’s Summer Institute for Sustainability.

Humaira Hamidhh-headshot-2015-360x240futurpreneur_logos_fullcolour_en

Humaira is the Business Development Manager for BC and the Yukon at Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF). Futurpreneur is a national non-profit focused on fueling youth entrepreneurship via financing, mentorship and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. At Futurpreneur, Humaira works with start-up entrepreneurs to support them in the initial stages of their business, connects with mentors across sectors and collaborates with community partners to maintain a strong and connected entrepreneurial ecosystem in British Columbia.

Humaira puts her background in biology, human psychology and design to work in supporting others to turn ideas into action. Since 2010, she has raised more than $1 million for cause-based initiatives and organized hundreds of events in Metro Vancouver. Her body of work centres in the not-for-profit sector and education. Humaira has experience supporting creativity and human flourishing at Arts Umbrella. She currently teaches yoga and meditation with Karma Teachers, and champions global mentorship with WEDU Fund.

Hussein Hallak

Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Speaker on Inspiring Leadership, Unleashing Entrepreneurship, and Breakthrough Performance.
General Manager of Launch Academy; Vancouver’s leading tech startup hub, Executive Director of TiE Vancouver; TiE is the world’s largest entrepreneurial organization, and Tech Panelist on Roundhouse Radio.
Former Director of Marketing at TEDxStanleyPark; one of the world’s largest and most successful TEDx events, Director of Learning & Development of BNI Middle East; BNI is the world’s largest business networking organization.
Built 10+ startups, mentored 100+ entrepreneurs, led 10,000+ hours of live workshops, presented tech TV to 40+ million viewers, featured in Forbes, BBC, Entrepreneur, VancityBuzz, Roundhouse Radio, and Notable.

Regina Noppe

Regina is a Brazilian/Canadian with over 15 years of experience in global companies. She is very active in both tech communities and is helping to fomenting the relations between the two countries. She is involved in a serie of initiatives that are making possible to the Brazilian and Canadian tech ecosystems to become closer.

Currently she is back in Brazil and is part of the Brazilian/Canadian Educational Committee, the Vice-president of Alumni Canada-Brazil and also runs her own company – DREAM2B, that bridges the Brazilian and Canadian tech ecosystems

Ilya Brotzky

As the CEO of VanHack, Ilya fosters economic development by empowering international tech talent to get the skills and connections they need to join the Canadian startup scene. He is also a mentor at Spring, where he facilitates the Kick Incubator and helped grow the program into one of Western Canada’s largest early stage incubators.

After a BS at Cornell’s Dyson School of Business in 2010 and he spent 4 years working in the Brazilian startup community where he raised over $500,000 in seed funding, closed over $300,000 in B2B sales and acquire tens of thousands of customers. He is also the founder of Mountains for Moms, a charity fundraising climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro that has raised over $50,000 for women suffering from obstetric fistula.

Ilya is currently participating in Startup Chile, a global accelerator program created by the Chilean Government that seeks to attract early-stage, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups using Chile as a platform to go global.

Molly Millar

Molly Millar joined Biko’s team as Country Manager and played an active role in successfully launching Biko in Vancouver a few short months ago. Molly is currently Vice Chair of the City of Vancouver’s Active Transportation Policy Committee and, in her spare time, she writes and leads the sales initiative for Momentum Mag, an online publication all about urban living by bike.

Biko incentivises and facilitates the use of bicycles in our cities. It rewards urban bikers and gives them real time information to travel safely. It is time to improve our quality of life in our cities.

Emilio Pombo

Business professional with broad experience in public relations, strategic communications, brand building and public affairs. Strong skills in team leadership, marketing and communications plans, effective networking and intelligent influence. Wide experience in understanding the Latam and US markets in diverse industries.

Co-Founder of It’s Colombia, NOT Columbia a successful country brand campaign that recovered the sense of belonging to thousands of Colombians and informing foreigns about positive aspects of our country. Obtaining coverage in over 100 media outlets such as: Wall Street Journal, NY Times and Huffington Post among others. The success of the campaign put us on the spotlight of creative and innovative campaigns to change people attitudes and behaviour resulting in invitations to international conferences in events like Social Media Week NYC, OMNICOM Emerge and University of Florida.

Co-Founder of Biko a Colombian born app that seeks to improve the quality of life in cities addressing some of the most relevant social issues: Environment, Health and Public Transportation. Biko tracks, facilitates and rewards.

Paola Murillo
Paola , creator of Lartincaouver in Vancouver BC, has headshots taken by Carlos Taylhardat at art of headshots studio in vancouver bc. https://www.artofheadshot.comlatin-hub-300x147

Latincouver Executive Director’s and The Latin Innovation Hub founder, Paola Murillo has over twelve years of global experience delivering successful events, advertising, product launches, marketing, and public relations. Her experience in cross – cultural communications has helped her organize more than 50 events that all aimed at helping people connect through culture and business. She holds a business and marketing degree from the University of Kentucky and an MBA in International Business from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France. She also owns a marketing agency (Mirrai International) specialized in the Latin American market.


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