Our next event is coming up!

Get ready! Expoplaza’s next seminar is set to happen on November 21. On this 3rd edition we will be talking about Women in the Americas: Leading the path to innovation and entrepreneurship.

You might be asking yourself: Why should we talk about Women Leading the path to innovation? The real question is Why not?

In 2016, Forbes pointed out that 36% of the businesses were owned by women. Although the numbers are continuously growing there are many challenges to overcome while reaching equality on the ownership of a business. That is why we need to talk about this issue.

Shining a light on the topic of entrepreneurship while presenting trailblazer speakers is how Expoplaza is contributing to the exponential growth of business opportunities between Latin America and the Pacific Northwest.

Mckinsey research shows that gender diverse companies outperform regular business by 15%. Ethnically diverse companies reach the margin of 35%. Numbers don’t lie: diversity is good for the economy. That is the reason Expoplaza promotes business while celebrating inclusion.

By closing the gender gap, we can create more revenue helping to get the employment rates on the upswing. So, let’s talk about Women leading the path to innovation. Let’s do our part to contribute to our economy by promoting diversity.

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