NOVEMBER 15 & 16 2023


Meet our team

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Yudi Sonnichsen

Project Leader

Originally from Colombia, Yudi is very passionate about her role in ExpoPlaza Latina because she is able to give back to her Latin roots and Canada.

Fernanda Friedrich

Communications Specialist

Fernanda is a Communications Specialist, creating content for ExpoPlaza Latina. She writes the articles for our website talking about entrepreneurship, innovation, and empowerment.

Everton Tonini


Everton works to promote the ExpoPlaza Latina brand on the website, promo materials, and social media. He is a Marketing Specialist with over 13 years focused on Branding, Advertising, and Communications.

Paola Acero

Social Media

Born in Colombia, she is a nature and sports lover with a Latina heart. A publicist with specialties in communications and engagement strategies.

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