NOVEMBER 15 & 16 2023


Main Conference: Latin America, the Decade of Rapid Change that awaits – John Price

The challenging decade in Latin America, opportunities and risks and the impact of technology in the region. Latin America is on the cusp of highly disruptive change as its population grows older at a faster pace than anywhere, near shoring redefines the Mexican and Central American economies, Chinese investment accelerates in South America, and the […]

Quantity vs Quality: Tangible results for your social media – Xolo

Join our workshop, ‘Quantity vs Quality: Tangible Results for Your Social Media,’ and discover the perfect balance between creating a high volume of content and ensuring it’s of the utmost quality. Learn proven strategies to boost engagement, grow your audience, and drive real, measurable results on your social media platforms.”

Panel: Accessing Financial Stability as a minority owned Business

Intersectionality – Recognizing the role of minority-owned businesses and how they can differ based o factors like gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability – Intersectionality plays a huge role. During this session we will also discuss key points about Mitigating Risk, Business continuity planning and future trends in techonlogy

Unlocking the Power of AI for Small Businesses – Microsoft

Learn to enable small enterprises to level the playing field, drive efficiency, and foster innovation through this interactive session. In an era where technology continues to transform the business landscape, small businesses face both unprecedented challenges and remarkable opportunities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, enabling small enterprises to level the playing field, […]

Digital adoption, Workplace Accessibility and Export to Grow your Business – SBBC

SBBC: Hear from Jordyn Strong, Manager of the Canadian Digital Adoption Grant and Tracey Pham of Export Navigator, as they explain the various grants and programs available to small businesses in British Columbia, and how you can leverage them to help your business grow. Along the way, they will share insights on how to prepare […]

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